Once upon a time.... 

Once upon a time in 2012, there where two young ladies wanting to make a differnce in the food industry. One young lady had a passoin and desire to create delightful food and engage in a relaxing atmosphere for people to enjoy the organic coffee and lose their taste buds new tastes, where the other struggled eating out all the time with the food allergies and intolerances, eating out become a nightmare - so the two joined forces and created 
Foods with Benefits. 

Since 2012 when the doors first opened we have been offering and delivering high standard intolerance friendly food to all, from gluten free, lactose free, dairy free through to nut and vegan friendly meals. 
We have opened our doors to catering and a health store. 

Sharing both personal and professional experiences with food we have met some beautifully amazing people on the journey so far and enjoy the sharing the love to everyone that comes through.